Dear Fediverse,

are there any cool FOSS apps or websites for identifying plants? I frequently want to use one but never know what to use or whether there are any ethical ones that don't mistreat user data. :)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

#followerpower #plants #gardening #gardeninghelp #plantidentification #plantid

@unicorn I only know of Flora Incognita, which is a university project, but I seriously don't know how they treat user data... they're based in Germany though, so it can't be that bad (hopefully)

@leah @daniel_bohrer @KaleCream Thanks for your suggestions!

Flora Incognita needs only a few permissions and Exodus finds no signatures of trackers, while PlantNet comes with Google AdMob and Firebase Analytics.

Flora Incognita is the winner for now in my eyes for plant identification apps :)

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