⚠️ Hey, it is great that you like enough to invite other people her. But please remember to only use single invites and not big or unlimited invite links. Yes this needs a click more but I just disabled over 20 unlimited invites. So if your invite doesn't work, remember this toot. ⚠️

Just fixed this in the frontend. So now you can only create invites for one or five people at once.

⚠️ And going down to 1 invite at a time. That's what happens if most of you now create five time invites. Please remind our policy to only invite people you know. We want slow organic growth. There is no need everyone is on!

@leah how many new users has gained in the last 1h?

just curious :D

Thanks @leah for putting in all the extra effort at these times!
Should you find the time later I'd be really interested in seeing more numbers or insights from the last days, if it is possible... And not too much to ask!

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