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Leah 🏳️‍🌈 @leah

I'm planning to organize a chaos.social but also a general mastodon meetup as self organized session at

Who is interested?

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@leah Would be cool, sad that we didn't plan an assembly like the Diaspora people did.

@toxicity @leah But they probably will let you hang at their tables, I would even encourage you to do this, as they are a nice crowd!

@leah Just to socialize or with what goal in mind?

@leah was thinking of perhaps getting a pullup banner for #mastodon made. What do ppl think about that?

Could be plain, maybe link joinmastodon or list some recommended instances?

@leah Damn it. I would love to but so many things keeping me from doing that. Beginning with not haven days off and ending with not ticket.

Hope you people will have a blast and an amazingly great time.

@leah I think there's already a #fediverse assembly planned somewhere. Might make sense to connect. :)

@rysiek @leah

I will totally attend it. Or both, should more than one take place.

@leah yes, @heluecht and @tobias mentioned being involved.

Getting Mastodon and Fediverse actually together on #34C3 would be a Good Thing.

Hey fediverse,

I now have a data and time for our chaos.social and mastodon meetup at the it is expected to start at 16:00 CET at the 28.12. and should take place at Seminar room 14-15. More information could be found here: events.ccc.de/congress/2017/wi

@leah damn, I literally just registered a different session just at the same time...

Well a date not data but I've generated data to get the date. :P

@leah If I may, I'll put a note about the meetup in the slides. Eventhough it seems to be Mastodon exclusive.

@leah I would have liked to attend the meet-up, but I only woke up very recently. :/ #34C3