Ich hab mir mal Gedanken zum Thema gemacht und ein paar Dinge aus meiner Perspektive aufgeschrieben: leahoswald.de/eine-perspektive

@leah Thanks for writing your thoughts on the future of Freifunk. You certainly have done a lot and probably have a good overview.

My primary interest with Freifunk is to build local decentralized networks and the technology behind it. I was already a bit unhappy with the fact that we used "open Internet access" as the main selling point to grow the network, and I slowly disconnected around the time when our (FFDA) meetings got overloaded with the refugee crisis.

@leah Don't get me wrong, I was all for supporting the refugees in any way we could and went to our first camp in its early days to scout how we could bring Internet to them.

But what followed was a complete appropriation of our organizational meetings for one of the many applications of our project.

At that time we still had ideas for a Freifunk academy, for how to improve the protocols, etc. And then that all was gone.

@leah It stopped being about building a local network with our own local services, and was all about scaling internet access, funding more gateways and doing politics. And annoying people who I believe were more interested in using us for their political careers than anything else.

Freifunk cannot generically compete in the Internet access area as you state in your post. The commercial alternatives are good enough for almost everyone.

So how about we go back to the roots?

@leah If your future plans are to do Freifunk without meshing, just to cover some event location with good WiFi and a decent connection, then please don't call it Freifunk. I feel that that approach is what hijacked the entire purpose of Freifunk. That's similar to what we tried at some refugee locations, because Freifunk couldn't handle them. And occupied the space dedicated to building community mesh networks with something completely different. And that's when I basically gave up.

@megfault my idea is not to build a network just to cover an event location or something else. This is exactly what a commercial provider would do. The idea is to use our knowledge to support other important independent social projects. Also to connect them in a social way. We need to work together on so much layers but the network layer is the one we can help. And this doesn't mean to give up on local infrastructure. I would be happy to build a local backbone connecting the different locations.


@megfault a problem I see and I have to mention @Cheatha because he has discussed this topic a lot with me is that there is the problem that everyone is working on there own projects but there is rarely a connection between the people though the have very similar goals. So the point is that we could and should connect these people together so that they could build something even better. And we contribute our knowledge of technology and networks.

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