Only 1/3 of the admins have enabled IPv6 for their instance by adding a AAAA Record to their DNS. Your instance still uses legacy IPv4 only? Update your instance server today!


What if my vps provider doesn't offer ipv6 addresses for that machine?

@kn @leah

:( i like them. plus i got a super good deal on the vps

@ben @leah

I make up that 1/3 because i disabled it intentionally. Yehaw

@leah Also remember to check that your V6 works every now and again!

@Sir_Boops @leah Elitism. Only those on IPv6 instances (and probably on IPv6 themselves) could federate.

@Sir_Boops @leah Plus my users would be so awesome that people would set up IPv6 just so they could see all our awesome stuff.

@leah I did remember substantial problems with when @mike enabled IPv6. Some ISP's is REALLY not ready for IPv6
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