Hey people of I'm interested in what you think about cross postings from the bird site?

Ok, I think I have to make my question more clear. What I mean is automated crossposting, not posting it for example with twiddere on both platforms. It's when retweets are mirrored from twitter or replys without context.

@leah what exactly do you mean? I'm always posting on twitter and mastodon using Twidere ...

@leah If you want it, but I don't like it and i don´t use cross posting because it makes it more impersonal and it creates an automatism.

@leah automated crossposting is annoying af. I'd be all for a rule that automated crossposters need to set their visibility to unlisted so that they don't spam the local timeline.

@rixx @leah I crosspost just oneway to twitter. Annoyance is maybe a tinsy little bit intended there. 😇

@leah Let's write up a rule proposal, and ask the instance about their opinion, boosting it with @ ordnung? That's probably the best way to change rules, anyways.

@leah what means crossposting?
Submitting the same post on Twitter and Mastodon simultaneously?
Or submitting a post to Twitter and tooting the Twitter link?

@leah well, I don’t do this, because my followers in both worlds would get the postings twice

@leah I'm fine with it and also doing it, since my audience here is different.

Also "Reposts" are in this case fine for me.

@leah they look (and sound) weird. Especially if they‘re crossposted tweets that contain an image link or quote another tweet. RTs are weird, too.

@leah On one hand I can understand that people want to do this and why. In the other hand I have yet to see a script/bot doing this that isn't lobotomized enough to make the result terribly annoying. (@-mentions with birdsite handles, even though they do have a Mastodon handle (even the same localpart (even in the same instance)), broken links, incoherent multitude of , unmonitored so no reactions when you reply.)
Birdsite mirrors -> unlisted posting only.

@leah For myself: No. I like the idea of having mastodon and twitter in separated universes

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