As announced I've done some research in the distribution of our mastodon instances regarding the network (AS) they use.

The top five countries with mastodon instances:

- 36 GB
- 356 DE
- 786 FR
- 810 JP
- 1284 US

(full data: )

Top 7 networks:

- 173 INTERQ GMO Internet
- 187 SAKURA-B SAKURA Internet Inc.
- 195 AMAZON-02 -
- 232 DIGITALOCEAN-ASN - DigitalOcean
- 244 ONLINE S.A.S.
- 400 OVH

(full data:

We currently have instances in 49 countries and in 348 autonomous systems.

More thant 50% of the instances use one of the top 12 autonomous systems.

Over 90% of the instances are in one of the top 4 countries.

The source are all instances that have a working IPv6 or IPv4 adress (first working in this order) and are connected to (nearly 3500).

I plan to release the raw data and the scripts tomorrow in a follow up to this toot.

With a litte delay here are the promised scripts and the raw data from my mastodon network distribution survey based on the autonomous system number from the IP of an instance.

@leah hi, thx for the stats. What do you consider "the top 12 AS" ? By which criteria ?

@taziden number of instances using these 12 autonomous systems.

@leah The instances censored at are not taken into account?

@bortzmeyer I'm note sure if the filtered instances are displayed in this list but I think they aren't. I have taken a short survey with this big data set but it's a lokal view. I will release the tools and some instructions later today so if you want you can make your own analysis.

@leah ah sorry, nevermind, I thought this was users. I didn't realize there were this many mastodon instances.

@riking you are right but Scaleway is only a subdivision of which also provides other hosting services under this AS. So the more general company name is better :)

@leah 5 DK? Interesting!
I only think I know of 3? (Including this one)

I think the "top 7 networks" are general top 7 networks. At least I have the feeling that Tor top 7 networks are similar.

@leah interesting that 11 instances within mainland China's IP address space exist that appear to be able to federate with the West without restriction (a while back as folk over there said you have to register with various authorities to set one up)

I only see regular traffic from the one that posts the cat pictures 😸, but this is most likely because I can't read Chinese so only see these via boosts from others who do...

@leah Is the country data based on domain, IP allocation, real position?

I host my instane using a german ISP, am in Germany, but I know the server itself is located in France. Is that a German or a French instance?

@maho the location is the location of the autonomous system. So I think it will result in Germany as location.

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