@andstatus - should AndStatus work with - i am logged in - but gettin no messages at all :/

Try to sync manually, see if "Synced some seconds ago..." message appears in the Timeline header.
2. Switch to the Public timeline and sync it...
3, Read the answetin the FAQ:


@andstatus @thefaico

Hi and thanks for the reply - tested all that. Creedentials are fine since i can post messages. The information within the app tell that items exist and sync happend seconds ago. however there is no message shown. Twitter works fine. I am also not able to search for hashtags on twitter. May this be fairphone-related?

@legion Please make sure you are using at least #AndStatus v.50.05
If yes, logs analysis is needed: maybe some unusual "toot" causes timeline download failure.
On logging please see

@andstatus @thefaico
Logs didn't get generated. I deleted all data - now everything works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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