Which uncensored and logging free resolver are you using?
Please no anwers with google, Quad 9, Quad 1 etc.

@lemming Running my own DoT resolver on a simple, cheap 1EUR VPS.

If that's not an option you can use the ones from

The one hosted by @digitalcourage in combination with for redundancy works quite well for me.

@lemming running your own resolver (e.g. unbound) is not an option?

@lemming The ibksturm and doh-ibksturm servers from DNSCrypt's OpenNIC server list.

@lemming i use the list from ipfire and in germany: digitalcourage

@lemming I recommend the server at which automatically filters all ad and tracking shit.Of course that could be considered censoring but I think it's a cool feature 👍

@lemming the only guaranteed to be free and guarateed to be logging free of the world, actually. #localhost #ftw

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