Sad to see Jason giving in instead of taking the app off the PlayStore himself;
Google behaves badly and people do not oppose it - sad story.


@lemming Could make a separate build flavor for F-Droid with all the donation things in tact. That's what my apps do.

@lemming @fdroidorg

@manyver_se also got briefly pulled due to the donations screen "violating payment policy". Theory is that, in their case, they're listing the name of the donaters and someone at Google freaked out thinking that we're giving them extra features - aka "paying for the Plus version via OpenCollective"

@lemming To be clear, Wireguard was back in the Play Store fairly quickly, although without the donation link.

(I make no claims to this being a good state of affairs, only that it is the state of affairs.)

@aschmitz You're not checking the time I tooted this, are you?

I know that it was 12h not in Play Store, as written in the thread, but I can't stop people from boosting...

@lemming I did, and I checked the replies, but nobody had clearly said it's back, so I wanted to add that it is. 🤷 Sorry to bother you.

@aschmitz Please excue my inappropriate tone. I've misinterpreted your message.

@lemming Thanks. It initially upset me because I actually had checked the timestamp before I finished reading the post, but to be fair, my comment's tone wasn't really clear either. 🙂 Have a good day!

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