This is why you should use the ITU Phonetic Alphabet as a amateur radio operator.

High-End Ham Radio Gives Up Its Firmware Secrets
The Kenwood TH-D74A’s firmware has been dumped and partially decoded

My favourite part of the "dig" man page:

There are probably too many query options.

Mensch könnte glaube, dass ICE eine österreichische Behörde unter ÖVP/Kurz Führung wäre.
Das ist so zum Kotzen, weltfremd und kleingeistig, was da passiert.

EFF: How the should manage interoperability policy to ensure that Europeans can claim and preserve their rights to technological self-determination.
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Philip K. Dick - If You Find This World Bad, You Should See Some of the Others

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Happy 62nd birthday to Bill Watterson! Im sure he never dreamed how much Calvin & Hobbes would touch the lives of so many people in such a meaningful and enduring way. #HappyBirthday #BillWatterson #CalvinAndHobbes

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I remain shocked for the past 15 years that Putty has not been supply chain compromised.

You could pwn EVERYTHING.

We spent some time in Miami Beach recently, a shiny place with
creative spunk, great food, wild clothes, a graffiti aesthetic, hot
cars buzzing the streets. All I could think was how it would all be
under water in a decade.

3D printing is sooo futuristic. This is so cyberpunk, startup, 5G, IoT, Maker, hackerspace, ...

sudo adduser $USER dialout

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Can anyone identify the specific name of this data port? It actually connects to an ethernet cable using only 4 pins, two pair. This is used in the automotive industry.

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Habe gerade rausgefunden, dass auf weiterleitet und nun ist mein Tag gemacht :) :rubberduck:

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