Pirate Bay cofounder Peter “brokep” Sunde has a new TV show about activism

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Ideal für Grobmotoriker wie mich :)

"How I Made A Giant 50mm LED"

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Sp apparently, I am attending at @ccc_koeln and the Bishopp briggs concert in Cologne on the same weekend. This will be awesome!

In case you didn't notice yet: I found a "Next Big Thing" and also a new job.
But they are not identical ;)

The Next Big Thing found me via Twitter. Crate.io . Check them out!

The job I found is "Senior Lab Services Consultant" at HCL Software.


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"It’s my datacenter. I keep a globe in it, ergo: a global datacenter. Globes are way cool. Mine shows the USSR." #snmpmastery #footnote

Democracy doesn’t matter to the defenders of ‘economic freedom’

Stephen Moore, who was a favourite earlier this year for Trump’s appointment to the Federal Reserve Board, put the matter simply: “Capitalism is a lot more important than democracy”


Helen Mirren & Ian McKellen Act Out Trump's Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Call


How to convey the image of a "new way to work" company while maintaining 1970ties style control structures (eg. in the office == working)?

Provides Laptops where the docking station power supply does not fit into the laptop itself.

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