FEC is how your scratched up CDs are still able to play. FEC is how the Voyagers transmit the data back to earth (bit far for a NACK)

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Right, that's the matrix room links and this account git links updated. Next IRC. Meanwhile @dentangle is scripting some readme and repo updates for github.

When you realise that all communication on the Internet is group communication, makes sense.

Our Internet cannot scale to billions of nodes without thinking about designing our communications on it to work in a multicast not unicast way.

We want to help to develop the . We believe that is an important component for this. But we aren't just focusing on the tech. We work on this because we believe democracy needs a fully functioning Internet that sees censorship as damage and can route around it.


Nice one Dentangle just joined a new community group at the W3C for multicast. Let's get out of the doldrums and helping to push forward !

The mission of the Multicast web community group is to enable multicast IP transport for web traffic to efficiently solve scalability problems in networking and web operations.

@dentangle 🔗 chaos.social/users/dentangle/s
Exciting news - the W3C Multicast Community Group was just launched today: w3.org/community/multicast/

We always like to think alot about . Although in this case perhaps some consultation of deepthought is required. 😏


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