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I woke up this morning to find three of our packages (librecast, lcrq and lcsync) have landed in GNU thanks to @vagrantc !

🎉 😀

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Ooh... Someone was busy last night.

@librecast lcrq FEC (Raptor Q) library is moving. 🎉
RT @DebianUpload
New upload: lcrq 0.0.1-2 by Vagrant Cascadian into unstable...

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Sid has a new toy to break! 🎉

@librecast 's LCRQ FEC (RaptorQ) library just moved from @debian Experimental into Unstable:

Huge thanks to @NGIZero for funding this work and @vagrantc for packaging!

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Preferred UI default:


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Two new projects just signed in the NGI portofolio addressing Search topic:
- NGI Search (8.5M€) will fund open source technologies for search @mirkopresser
- Openwebsearch (8.5M€) focuses on Search index infrastructure

Both projects will resort to community contributions through open calls (so called cascading) that will open later this year. Stay tune.

Earlier this year we embarked on some experiments with our IoT updater POC code with Fed4fire+.

@EC_NGI published a blog about the project.

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In order to talk about our captcha's accessibility, we're scheduling a public meeting tomorrow (Thursday 2022-07-21) at 19.00 CEST (17.00 UTC), probably via the BigBlueButton hosting of @senfcall.

We hope to get through the important topics within an hour. I'll
happily share the link here if anyone is interested to join us.

@ArneBab @dentangle thanks to @vagrantc we also have a couple of libraries and tools in debian experimental. We want to make some useful tool for everyone to play with it and you need FEC with Multicast.

We did some experiments with the IOT updater coder with Fed4fire+ and those experiments highlighted the need for us to finish the FEC milestone.

Another package into debian experimental thanks to @vagrantc of @reproducible_builds . 🎉🙏

lcrq provides Forward Error Correction via raptorq fountain codes.

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@codeberg @gitea

In light of #GiveUpGitHub and transitioning projects to #Codeberg and other #Gitea instances there've been issues with #accessibility, like with the #Captcha's for instance.

While #a11y can seem nice-to-have for able-bodied people, they are crucial for those with disabilities. Accessibility is a human right.

We've been spreading word to notify people to help you and contribute improvements. But to make this efficient you should actively guide this and "Just PR" isn't enough.

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There's always a bit of excitement when we get a new package created @librecast
RT @DebianNew
New package: lcrq Version: by Vagrant Cascadian ...

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