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Hey @codeberg !
Enjoying our new home. All but one of our team that is. Unfortunately you use a CAPTCHA for creating accounts, so you've made it impossible for one of our developers to create an account.

Would you consider removing that please? We don't want a one-off workaround for this user. Lets fix it properly for everyone please. CAPTCHAs are a really bad move from an accessibility standpoint.

We're human, we promise 😉

Librecast boosted @librecast Awesome - RaptorQ FEC on a VAX!

Ooh there's talk of building lcsync on a VAX... 🤩

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Are you still wasting time and money on usability? This new service makes any site usable automatically.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

So why do you accept it when it comes to accessibility?

Accessibility isn’t a checkbox. Accessibility is not an overlay. Accessibility is inclusive usability.

#accessibility #a11y #usability

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@librecast So good to have this initial release out. I've literally been stuck in the matrix for the past few weeks. "I don't even see the matrix anymore. All I see are LDPCs, HDPCs, LTs..."

That not enough? We also added loads more stuff including symmetric key message encryption
and several channel key management/encoding functions.

We also fixed some issues including . We also fixed some issues with building for other systems including NixOS, FreeBSD and NetBSD.

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The new release of librecast and lcrq's creation focused our minds on where we should put our code mirror. The process of moving to @codeberg
was fairly straightforward and we moved 24 repos there. We have left the old repos with a readme pointing them to codeberg. We also created a small script to help folks if they like us had a sizable amount to move. Available on codeberg and also on github.


The development of this code was enabled through the support of @NGIZero Discovery Fund. If you have an idea you'd like funded NLNet hold bi-monthly grant applications, the next deadline is August First.

Hang on though! That's not all we have a brand new release of Librecast as well!

What did we change?

RaptorQ code FEC isn't just a separate library, we added that as an option to librecast.

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@librecast @codeberg @dentangle Cool! Saves me from implementing one. That'll also make @NGIZero happy, because it's the kind of cooperation they tend to like.

I just hope the build system isn't too weird...

We found with our fed4fire IOT updater experiments that we needed to implement the RFC6330 for integration with librecast.

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FEC is how your scratched up CDs are still able to play. FEC is how the Voyagers transmit the data back to earth (bit far for a NACK)

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LCRQ is a C implementation of RFC6330 RaptorQ Codes for Librecast. But what are RaptorQ codes for? They are for forward error correction (FEC). Multicast uses UDP and UDP is unreliable. So do we retransmit? Add on an extra layer like TCP? Do we implement ACK messages? Those options would reduce the scalability of Multicast.

Or do we encode our data with a series of forward error correction codes to reconstruct the data later?

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What's that we see over the horizon? Could it be a brand new project on @codeberg?

lcrq is our first new project on Codeberg.

What is lcrq? Well @dentangle is glad you asked that.

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@librecast We went a bit nuts testing it on everything we could lay our hands on. Ubuntu (all LTS 14-22), Debian, Gentoo, NetBSD, FreeBSD, even an original Raspberry Pi Zero from 2011 running (eek) Rasbian 7.

Now an emulated s390 mainframe. Cool 😃

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Apparently we have @librecast running on an IBM s390 now. Nice one !

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Just learned that #GitHub makes account names available 90 days after the account is deleted.

#typosquatting hard enough for #security

Reclaiming usernames makes it possible to squat a trusted identity that may have hosted projects in widespread use...

...and git pull will just pull from the same URL under the new account holder's control.

So #giveupgithub and be squatted or give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's! Why is #piracy OK if you get an AI #copilot to do it for you?

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@dentangle @librecast @codeberg

Thanks for the script! When will GiveUpGitHub The Musical be made available?

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@librecast @codeberg

That's @librecast (and me personally, and my hosting company Gladserv) all moved from GitHub. About 36 repos in all.

Thanks to @conservancy for their tireless campaigning.

Thanks to @codeberg for the new home.

We've posted a little video (see thread above) and the hacky script we used to blatt our GitHub repos.


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