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It's beyond shocking and deplorable that the @nytimes@twitter.com co-sponsored Democratic debate asked not one question about ...the moral and intellectual failure amounts to Trumpian-level nihilism & indifference to human suffering past and present. @agsnyt@twitter.com @CJR@twitter.com @marclacey@twitter.com twitter.com/KateAronoff/status

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“CO2 emissions grew by 1.4% in 2017 and 2.1% in 2018 to 37 Gt and are expected to continue to grow in 2019 (updated from Le Quéré et al. 2018). Additional increases through 2019 and 2020 remain uncertain but appear likely...” (!!!)


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Thanks to all those who asked. My little boy is fine and is now tucked up in bed.

But I fear these won't be the last tears he sheds over the .

Children are among those most exposed to . This is all about them.

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Daily Climate Change Meme. We are running out of time, nothing less than ambitious policies and actions will work❗️ In 50 Year nobody will say: Damn, I wish our air would've been dirty for another decade. ⬇️

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We need rapid action on the

Every day we fail to act is a day that we step a little closer towards a that none of us healthcare professionals want.

So join us tomorrow to demand rapid action.

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1/3 Why are you here? [@LondonCityAir@twitter.com]
“I’m a former Detective Sergeant of the @metpoliceuk@twitter.com. My name is John Curran. I’m trying to force the Government to take significant action on climate change.”

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“The great tragedy of the is that 7.5 billion people must pay the price ..so that a couple of dozen polluting interests can continue 2 make record profits. It is a great moral failing of our political system that we have allowed this to happen.” twitter.com/ToxicExpertise/sta

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1,4 Million on the Streets for real Climate Action in Germany 🇩🇪 alone.
When will Governments start to listen 👂 to their People?

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We make no claim to be perfect and don't expect it from anyone else.
The green choice should be the easiest option but we live in a toxic system that makes sustainable living expensive, inaccessible, disjointed.
That is why we demand system change.

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We're currently holding the longest running symposium on climate breakdown and health.

Come join us between 7 - 18 Oct - in St James' Park.

The programme is jam packed!

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