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This is you daily reminder that from corporations is just as bad as surveillance from governments.

I gave @forteller access to my Steam library, and now he's playing Hidden Folks with ALL THE NOISES and I'm not sure how I'll manage to sleep tonight.

Privacy expert Ann Cavoukian resigns as adviser to Sidewalk Labs (Google/Alphabet's "smart city" company)

"she expressed concerns regarding Sidewalk Labs recent digital governance proposals, specifically, the possibility that not all personal data would be de-identified at the source—a concern she said she raised with Sidewalk Labs early last month."

#FuckOffGoogle #SmartCity #SmartPrison #SpyCity #Toronto

If you're interested in the off-the-grid social network Scuttlebutt, there's a good essay here about it (from a few weeks ago):

It's by @staltz , the creator of the Manyverse app for Scuttlebutt, and is nicely honest about the major difficulties of using the network, as well as suggesting possible solutions.

#ScuttleButt #SSB #Manyverse #OffTheGrid #SocialNetworks

Planting some tomatoes i found in the trash. High level recycling.

"This is Bi Club. You can't go in unless you can prove you're Bi."

"I don't really know how I can prove that. In fact I sometimes wonder if I'm Bi enough to use that word."

"In you go, Bi friend. Welcome to Bi Club."




arctic ticking time bomb

„Marshall and Meneghello note that, as Arctic temperatures have risen in the last two decades, and summertime ice has shrunk with each year, the speed of the Beaufort Gyre has increased. 1/n

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Does anyone want to explore with me? It's interesting, but also a jungle I don't want to enter alone.

I want more coffee, but it's 18.03 and I'm out of decaf but all I want is coffee.

We are looking for more maintainers for specific apps in #FDroid. Here is a list of some that would need some love:

* GNU #Ring
* #VLC
* #Fennec
* #Vespuccio
* #GhostCommander
* #Linphone

If you know how to build software in general, no particular Android experience is required. This can be picked up as you go :)

All of those already have working recipes available but all of them also have quirks that require manual action when updating.

Please get in contact, if you use one of these and are interested!

Sunrise: 07:44
Sundown: 17:44

tomorrow, the sun will be up for less than ten hours

Tomorrow one of my early friends here in Malmö is doing his disputation, together with an exhibit.

The exhibit is about Arduino.

He's one of the founders of Arduino as well.

I'm really excited to attend this tomorrow, but know that I won't have energy enough for joining the party (or money), but that's okay.

Gibt's jemand in der @forteller die Stadt zeigen möchte? Er ist da, und hat in den nächsten anderthalb Stunden nichts vor.

What's the difference between Osada and Hubzilla?

Meine Mutter (hat in Österreich gelebt) und ich (hab in Deutschland gelebt) können uns nicht einigen. Wie spricht man der Name Heidegger aus?

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