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The last Trötlon 🚀

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I'll block anyone who dislikes biscuits.

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This is you daily reminder that from corporations is just as bad as surveillance from governments.

If scientists found a way to communicate with alternate universes, that’s really just a security vulnerability in the universe

anyone want to help me spellcheck a german fax to the jobcenter?

Wow. Writing manuscripts goes so much faster than writing a thesis. I got the first 5 minutes of the play down in just 10 minutes.

Oh, I forgot it's Saturday night 😐

My last theatre week at art school started today, and I'll be posting about it here and on (for free).
Have a look and see how a theatre process can be from the inside of a theatre company 🎭
My first post avout it is here, and explains more about the process:

Wow... I'm really feeling sneakily bisexual.

Wohoo, is back! I haven't been able to access it for a week 🎊🎉

I've pretty much decided to leave the @Liberapay translation team. The translation I'm contributing to is beyond repair. There's so much to tidy up that I don't get to the translating part before I'm fed up and close weblate.
It's a pity, but right now I don't see Liberapay ever getting a useable Norwegian translation. I want to contribute to the platform, but as long as I can't code there's nothing else I can help out with.

Does anyone want to help me set up a or or instance when it's possible?

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Min anmeldelse av A Life Less Throwaway, boka til om hvordan man kjøper langlevde produkter.

Is your data that's stored online safe?

Flow Chart.

I need to tell you something. I'm feeling precisely bisexual.

I was thinking that the translation "følgeforespørsel" (Folloe request) was silly, but then I saw that the Swedish version is förförljarförfrågan. För helvete.