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This is you daily reminder that from corporations is just as bad as surveillance from governments.

Bicycle available in Berlin 

Anyone need a bike?
Purchased in Iceland ~3 years ago.
It's been gathering dust but should be fine with some cleaning and tuning.
Pay what you can/want.

🚹🚹 It turns out "Hey Alexa" is short for "Hey Keith Alexander." Yes, the Keith Alexander personally responsible for the unlawful mass surveillance programs that caused a global scandal. And Amazon Web Services (AWS) host ~6% of all websites. 🚹🚹

Has anyone become IRL friends with someone they met on #mastodon ?

Please boost I'm curious

:betty: Hello, #Funkwhale friend! We are looking for contributors, and maybe you could help us!

We're currently looking for development help, but there's lots of other ways to contribute. Give this new blog a read, and share with anyone you think might be interested. And @ us with any questions.

:wanda: Getting Involved With Funkwhale:


heute vor genau 6 monaten wurden menschen von einem faschistischen killer hingerichtet...
wahllos war daran nix.
die opfer sind lĂ€ngst nicht nur die toten. viele menschen blieben trauernd und oder traumatisiert zurĂŒck.

die namen der toten:

Ferhat Ünvar
Gökhan GĂŒltekin
Hamza Kurtović
Mercedes Kierpacz
Sedat GĂŒrbĂŒz
Kalojan Welkow
Fatih Saraçoğlu
Said Nessar El Hashemi
Vili Viorel Păun


und vergesst nicht die vielen anderen, die bis heute leiden.


RT @Afelia
In den USA werden gerade BriefkĂ€sten abgebaut und Sortiermaschinen abgeschaltet und Mitarbeiter*innen gefeuert, DAMIT LEUTE NICHT PER BRIEF GEGEN TRUMP STIMMEN KÖNNEN. Wie sieht eigentlich der Beginn einer Diktatur aus?

This is a joke 

The German word for "pants" is "lederhosen"

Which comes from the German word "leider," meaning "unfortunately," and "hosen," meaning "pants"

Which sums up how we all feel about pants, if we're being real about it

Sorry to hear about the Mozilla layoffs – if you want to continue fixing the web, we are hiring! ♄ #MozillaLifeboat

Fully open source and fully remote:
(If you prefer there’s also offices in Berlin and Stuttgart :)

Looking to buy a violin practice mute in Berlin

Anyone got an idea where a good place to find one would be?


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