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I'm sort of testing out quit.im, a part of the Federation that looks and works like Instagram (yes, even with the filters), and has a nice, progressive ToS. I am mindblown! Finally a decentralised alternative to proprietary image sharing based social networks. 👍🏼

@lilletale tell us more about your experience with it.

DigiTrötlon 💻 @lilletale

@pinkprius I'm pretty much going to compare it to Instagram, though. quit.im is like the browser version of Instagram a few yaars back, before DMs and stories. But it has "Moments", which is a collection of (beautiful!) pictures, kind of like Instagram's explore tab. I have yet to find a mobile browser that works with the posting process, that's a minus. The UI is nice, my post at the start of this thread looks like this in my quitim feed: chaos.social/media/9Guzz3D4VJA

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