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infosec nonse 

doing some contract work right now and i have to do some stuff on windows, and, lmao windows defender just deleted all my scheduled tasks because the binary contains DGA code.

for those wondering just how big that variac is, here's a (metric) 1-2-3 block for scale.

this thing is mostly iron and copper. i wrote the mfg to get a datasheet for my exact model, let's see how this goes.

now we just also need a big isolation transformer and we're good to play with 230V more :3

(found some three-phase ones with 80kg for cheap but heeelll no)

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i made it, but my arms are noodly noodly noodles now. i have no strength left.

datasheet for the record:

i brought two carrying options but neither worked out because i didn't measure right.

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i am carrying a 20kg transformer through the city. mistakes were made.

Windows 10 is the KDE Plasma you bought on Wish

Adafruit shilling NFTs was definitely not on my bullshit bingo card for 2021.

i'll just... go to sleep and when i wake up i want this all to have been a really bad dream.

my goal with this is actually to use the built-in database and prolog functionality of picolisp with rust, this should allow for some very easy and powerful data querying capabilities but *shrug*

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i'm currently following the blog posts by ( to commit some minor rust crimes.

really curious if there's actually n>1 people interested in picolisp+rust :D

Yeah, Fluke makes nice DMMs. But they will let you down at some point. But this one?

A friend of ours took a slow-mo video of me riding my recumbent bike in a roundabout (in an area without car traffic)

hey , can someone point me to the standard where aluminium profiles (like 2020) are covered? i'm not happy with the 0,0015 L a square steel tube has.
it would mean 1,5mm max divergence because i need some 1m long parts, and i don't have the equipment to surface mill them.

wait, why is the gitlab internal project id up to 76 now. we can't have that many projects...

*looks around* ah fuck,

(i just created a repo for assorted mechanical part designs...)

the reinheitsgebot prevents us from having cherry beer hwere and i think that's a crime.

(regular posting will resume after the ln is sober again)

next up:
- updating containers (not that important tbh)
- label printing and preview
- some sort of barcode action system (scan barcode to perform actions, e.g. scan "move" command and then from and to container)

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