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hi, i'm ln and all my electronics are political

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Got some pretty boards today and soldered the USB connector to it. I accidentally shorted shield to ground on one but eh ^^

Unfortunately i forgot to check footprints and now they're incompatible with the cheaper connectors i have 🙄

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Jetzt schon aufstehen? Ich habe doch nur zehn Stunden geschlafen. 😴

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i played too much divinity: original sin 1&2 lately and came up with Open Sourceress as a job title. feel free to steal it :3

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i just realised that smbd and BDSM are anagrams. also basically the same.

waiting for furries to take over systemd development so we can get systemd-lewd

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banging my head against NDS game code atm >.>
not sure if it's "just" soft locking or calling a terminate function...

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hey, community: who are the most badass (technically or otherwise) trans folks you follow?

trying to bolster my timeline a wider gamut of queers <3

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all countries are so fucked, why don't we make a new one

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everything's varying degrees of shit, send cats.
(or not, i'm not judging)

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smartphone talk, pixel 4a, 🔃 ok 

my xperia z5 compact is dying and I'm thinking about a google pixel 4a - does anyone has experience with it?


negatives for me:
- google
- no micro SD slot
- it's boring black (I hope I can put a nice case around it?! any recommendations?)

positives for me:
- smol
- lineage OS support
- RAM 'o plenty
- headphone jack!! (this should be a given, ffs)
- OLED is nice I guess

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