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i've got almost ten follow reqs in my queue just from today which couldn't be bothered to read my bio before trying to follow. *sigh*

it's not that hard people, just add some pronouns in there and i'll accept it (given the recent migration)

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hi, i'm ln and all my electronics are political

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edea, python kicad tooling 

memory usage and performance tests ✅

improved parser performance by something like 10x. turns out list.pop() is *really* expensive in python, especially when you do it >100k times. just went with list index based access instead because it's O(1) and suddenly parser go brrr.

yes, yes, i'm procrastinating updating the pcb merge code >.>

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please boost this to nuke my instance, i'm trying to test something


already got a random drunk guy looking for trouble. luckily he went on to the business class, lmao

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selfie, ec 

tired trans on train. RJX 63 is *completely* full. fun fun fun.

now just eight more hours of sitting here :3

the couchsofa set from has been really good for my mood. i'm doing chores and every since i put it in i'm dancing to it while doing stuff :D

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Ich suche eine Stelle als Linux-Administration / DevOps für max. 30 Wochenstunden und weitestgehend Remote.

Kennt da wer wen, der sucht oder kann was empfehlen?
Gern RT.

ln's postgres optimization tip #2 cont 

also have a look at the index types! there's cool stuff in there and maybe something fits your usecase better? e.g. i used a hash index for value comparisons because it saves a whole lot of storage space. and some of the row were really long, comparing an int vs. a kb of text is also a nice speedup.

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ln's postgres optimization tip #2 

if you're joining on more than one field, consider a compound index!

e.g. CREATE INDEX query_go_brrrr ON dat_table USING BTREE (column_a, column_b)

and suddenly your database doesn't have to do two index lookups but only one for a query!

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ln's postgres optimization tip 

put "EXPLAIN ANALYZE" in front of your query, paste output to and look for values in the exclusive column which look way too high. then check in the node column what it is doing and maybe add an appropriate index.

*poof* yer a postgres witch now :3

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two new indexes, query time reduced from >7s to 70ms. my work here is done.

(first new index reduced to 90ms, second a bit more still to 70ms)

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It seems that people on fedi are extremely non-representative of the general population, so I've been wondering: :boost_ok:
Are you usually wearing

too awake to go back to sleep, too sleepy to get coffee,,

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Some PCB rework. A couple of boards need this fix so I thought I'd practice.

This is a pair swap on a LPDDR3 footprint.
The BGA pads are ~0.35mm.
The wire used here is ~75um.

Dig out soldermask, and cut old connections. Wire in swapped pins, and fill with UV soldermask.

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At @ln got a SIP call from Chaos Post while we were doing some grocery shopping. I'm paraphrasing here a bit

- Hi Elen, XY from is speaking. Where are you?
Elen, confused: ...
- Shopping groceries at (location)
- Which station?
- (station name)
- Alright, stay there, your post will be delivered in 10 minutes.

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it's a cursed 16bit risc arch, so i'm not touching this, but thought it's interesting anyways. i hope someone has fun with this, i don't need any more projects :3

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