material testing 

We're currently trying to choose the material for the sides of the akkupack project, and due to laser-cutting Aluminium being not quite expensive, but still costing a considerable amount, we're looking at alternatives.

Acrylic would be one suitable candidate, though the brand-name acrylic costs around 40€/m².

I still have some Kraftplex (pressed cellulose fiber) around and we did some very unscientific stress testing on that. It unfortunately doesn't quite make UL94.

material testing 

yes, yes. I know that UL94 is for plastics but anyways, a fun experiment.

After working it with a blow torch for I think close to a minute, it burned for a little less than two minutes and was glowing a few more minutes after that too.

Though the only affected area was the one we directly held the flame to and it didn't spread one bit further.

I think that's good enough. Oh and seeing that UL94 specifies a 50W flame, and we took like >1kW to it, we need further testing.

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material testing 

In the end it might not even be flammable at all under the standard conditions.

The only worry i still have is, that it's technically deformable with water, but just soaking it for a minute did not yield any meaningful results on the 3mm thick sample, so it might just be that this won't be a concern either.

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