I'll be live-tooting a bit while @uint8_t replaces the lithium cell on the RAID-card battery module :D

@uint8_t the new cell (dark grey one on the second image) is being discharged with a power resistor to 3,8V to match the current cell voltage.


This is the card's home. My old but trusty workstation, iirc it's around six years old already.

During the downtime Zoé designed a replacement battery cover in OpenSCAD. Also the battery has the right voltage now to commence the operation.

It came off! Some hot air was required to soften that glue.

New battery installed, just waiting for the new case print to finish.

It is done. Testing will commence after we get some lunch. and yes i'm aware it's after 7pm here.

@adasauce the tower cooler is just so big that i had to remove one of its fans initially. also i can't fit ram with heatsinks that stand out on top under it. but otherwise it's wonderful ^^

@jorin i may have run out of usable PCIe slots in there.

@ln @jorin the graphics card might be responsible for cooking the raid card battery

@uint8_t @jorin i think it came pre-bloated a bit already. That's what you get for buying used hardware when you're broke.

@ethulhu it's just two. If there wouldn't be the raid card and 10G base-t taking up space there could be three.

@ln what space is there even to fit the card on the motherboard with those massive GPUs? above?

@ln same soldering station buddies! Yihua 968 squad

@sophistoche close enough, it's the european market import re-brand of the common chinese ones.

@ln have you put an inline filter on the fume extraction line? The fact it comes with only the tiny 2cm^2 one is so dumb. I made a basic filter with a plastic container and more carbon filter but it’s done a bad job now I’ve looked closer so I need to replace with something better.

@sophistoche oh i haven't thought about that yet. though it would be really nice to combine that with a better connector too. Swapping between the desoldering gun and the soldering iron is a pain.

@sophistoche it's Aoyue Int2703A+. I'll see if there's a direct Yihua equivalent.

@sophistoche Looks like there isn't even one. i'm surprised. but here's the manufacturer page: aoyue3d.com/en/pro/default.asp

@uint8_t @ln Which reminds me that I should do likewise with my Arduino UNO + 4 line 20 char text display I recently made for @c3troc.

@ln the processor of the M5015 raid card was running so hot, this was probably the reason the backup battery was cooked

I kept cooling it with a 40 watt SanAce fan while we migrated the data away from it

apparently this is an issue lots of people complained about online

so we got rid of the RAID card and migrated to linux mdraid

performance hit is not perceivable

managing it just got so much easier! see attached photo of the LSI raid card's BIOS

@uint8_t @ln Wow, what an interface. It's like stuck in the 90s or something 😂

Good choice to not run hardware raid ever again 😃

@uint8_t @ln Hardware raid is mostly used in classical bare metal servers anyways. And why would reboot when you have uptime to maintain and brag about? Kernel updates -- that's for the faint hearted people.

@sa0bse @ln we should have changed bragging about uptime to bragging about availability and security a long time ago

reboot your servers by all means

design functionally redundant systems, not redundant computers

@uint8_t @ln That's only 6 years old! That's kinda brand new right?

Speaking of firmwares and being out of date, it probably doesn't matter for that card compared to the rest of the world: securityledger.com/2019/08/hug

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