Does anyone know where I can just order an E{24-192} series of 0603 resistors? I'm really getting tired of picking out parts and a whole reel is like 2,5€ from lcsc. Would be cool to invest once and just have *everything* on stock.

@ln Digikey sells resistors kits!

Most of them don't cover the entire E48/E96 range, but it's an /okay/ deal.

Might be better to just buy like, reels of commons, and like 200 of all the other values from LCSC.

@Zuph yep, the ones at digikey go unfortunately just to 200pcs per value max.
I think the best deal for small quantities are still the resistor books sold on aliexpress.

It would be really cool to e.g. grep all kicad projects on github and extract the most common values. hmm...

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