0Ω resistors aren't resistors. change my view.

@marble the best thing is, they come in 1% and 5%.

@ln @marble I was just going to drop this.
Audiophiles only let audiophiles use 0.1% 0 Ohm oxyfree resistors.

@ln They also do not exist at room temperature.

@uint8_t That obviously doesn't invalidate my point, yet. :-) @ln

@MacLemon @uint8_t @ln well, depends on your (or rather the resistor's) tolerance (and frequency).

@ln if it quacks like a duck and had a package and footprint like a duck,

@ln how about on the full spectrum of resistance, they are resistors, but the most useless ones?
(you could also say, their resistance is futile.)

@daniel_bohrer though is it really resistance if it is futile?

@ln The cheap ones have a 5% tolerance, so... oh wait... never mind.

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