We just tested our oven controller and apart from the need for some thermal insulation, everything looks good.

The micropython firmware is also nearly ready for a full, automated cycle.

We sent these copper bus bars through the SMD oven, and the changed color!?

I'm sure they are copper (I drilled through them) and not just coated with copper.

Maybe they oxidized at 250-ish degrees Celsius?

@diodelass maybe you know more?

@uint8_t uhh huh
oxidation is a very good guess, given that they were heated (presumably not coated with anything?)

not sure what causes that color specifically other than that, though

@uint8_t @diodelass This research suggests that copper at or above 200 degrees celsius in air does indeed oxidate:

They state that mainly Cu2O is formed, which would explain the dark color. But I guess it could also be due to thin film effects.

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