I have a question to electronics makers: What are some reliable PCB houses in Europe that you worked with?

I have mixed experiences with Aisler (long lead-time) and heard good things about Multi-Circuit-Boards (though expensive).

Boost/RT pls.

OSHPark/Chinese manufacturers aren't interesting for this use-case due to VAT and shipping&handling. Though I have good experiences with prototype boards there.

@ln I've ordered prototypes from aisler as well and was disappointed they also ship and count x-out boards. So out of 3 ordered boards only one was fully useable, 1 was OK for the power supply area but had pads missing copper in the other areas and one came with the majority of pads not having copper on them.


I've not ordered from any other european PCB manufacturers, just asked for quotes for small quantity (20 to 50) assembeled boards and was very satisfied with the answer of . The quote was OK and they asked the right questions (found the underspecified parts of the draft I send them, provided suggestions of sane, usual solutions to them). Will be ordering there soon.


Other suppliers I asked for quotes (also PCB+assembly) were and .

And I remember from my previous job, they ordered their raw PCBs from . But the reasoning behind that was mostly geographical (<15km, came over in person when needed).

@dwagenk Thank so much! I'll keep those in mind when I'll do a larger production/assembly run.

And those Aisler experiences sound horrible :( For me the boards until now were fine, just way past any delivery schedules.

@ln oh yes, mine we're a little late, too. For a colleague abd gis side-project it was even worse. His boards arrived the same week as mine, but he had ordered 3 weeks earlier...

@dwagenk yeah, I'm waiting now for 2+ weeks too, and another board i ordered later will arrive tomorrow. It's really, i don't know.

@ln @xor were quite fast for my allegedly simple project.

@ln i have good experiences with multicb in terms of time and production quality.
but don't expect anyone gives a shit if something goes wrong, your data is not matching their process, whatever...

@ln I worked with Leiton for some projects at my day job. Quality was okay and their engineer even managed to spot a stupid layout error before manufacturing. Also very responsive if you have some special requirements.
On the downside we usually payed >80€ for 10 smallish boards.

@ln Multi-CB's advantage is: they're quite cheap. Most of the time, things are okay. Occasionally they haven't met delivery dates. What's worse is, in some cases they shipped dysfunctional boards (which of course only turns out *after* populating the parts). We've also run a few projects through Leiton and Eurocircuits and didn't have any issues there.

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