Here's an update to my little LCSC experiment.
As some may remember, I tried to order around 4.5kg of resistors, which showed up as 67g in their system. Support wrote me today to inform me that they weighed the package and that they fucked up.
It comes in at 4.2kg. Fair enough.

Now, unfortunately Singapore Post only accepts packages with up to 2kg, bummer. They asked me what they should do with it and I said "split it up". Let's see how that goes then.

In case though you need a bunch of 4.7Ohm 5W cement resistors, 280 of them *should* fit the limit.


Ah, the part number: "CR-M5W4.7ΩJ". Oh and the price break is at 150 and 500, and a full packet is 200. Those are really interesting for buildings things on a budget which need to sink a lot of power.

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