Geez, working without a stencil for once is tedious.

Baking in progress, using the T-962 oven again to try if ot goes well with simple stuff.

It kept the profile well, but no reflow. Getting out the big oven now.

*one kernel update later* i should fix this oven firmware >.>

My PCB oven had some connection issues to my laptop via the WiFi, but now it's baking. Also KDE broke scaling non my laptop, but i can read the text now even without glasses ;)


This no-clean flux is surprisingly hard to clean.

5/7 work, perfect score. i need to work on my pasting with a syringe...

@ln Seems like I learned to replace the LEDs with hot air without damage!

@ln heh, yeah especially when it is burnt. But in my experience IPA works very well on it. But you are right, it is better if you don't have to clean it ;)

@esden i could put them through our ultrasonic cleaner, which might work better.
but this is the test batch anyways. the other 293 PCBs come later :D

@ln ohh a proper manufacturing run. Nice! Good luck! :D

@esden thank you :) we should really get a pick&place for the lab here. but most of our designs have a unique component count that's rather high...

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