Well rested and a new day. Zoé @uint8_t is pasting the boards and I'm already starting placement of the components.
This time: a custom single board computer power supply with power measurement and CAN for control and metrics.
It will be powered by an ATX PSU's 12V rail.

165 decoupling and filter caps later...
Well, that's the 100nF caps. It dies have something good that there's less different components on this design.


When sick everything goes a bit slower :( But it looks like the boards are halfway placed. Next time i need to make a proper inventory, we're a few parts short for the amount of boards pasted ;-;

Zoé finished the placing and we baked one board to test and then the whole batch now.

Boards are looking good. On one a diode slipped a bit, but that's all from me for today. Have a good night!

@ln upon closer inspection, at least 4 boards need rework

too much paste below the LQFP48 caused bridging (3)

an SOT-23 FET is off all its pads

one pad of an SOT-23 looks like a cold solder joint


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