I'm finally starting to work through my backlog of PCBs to build.

Today, I'm building the cell holder to finish debugging the BMS. For good measure I'm building all of them so this will take a while.

And of course i underestimated just how much work this is. And i have one wrong component which is due to a copy-paste error some months ago :/

It's roughly 600 components to place in total...

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The problem with projects which kinda work well enough and I only touch once in a while is that I forget how they work :|
Apparently i got the initialisation code of the oven working a long time ago...

But hey, PCBs are baking :)

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Last two of the ten are in. Just two needed minor rework for now where a single component wouldn't stay where it was supposed to.

All done, Zoé is doing very minor rework to accommodate for the wrong MOSFETs but it's all done now!
I will solder the through-hole parts tomorrow, but that's it for tonight.
nini :3

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@SamanthaCayne it's the lithium cell holder board I made last year to debug the battery management system.
now that i have those i can finish the firmware without the fear of blowing up expensive hardware ^^

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