I went looking for the TI datasheet of the OMAP5432 and not only did the product page completely disappear and the search not yield anything for even "OMAP5", but I got my IP banned by trying to access the datasheet directly...

@ln I managed to find a 58 page reference guide for an evaluation board below, but the link above just takes me to a generic page for all sorts of chips rather than that specific one.

Not sure what TI are playing at, as surely they would /want/ people to use their chips?


@vfrmedia they killed off that line completely. they do that every time something doesn't make enough money anymore. but it is a bit ridiculous to remove every single trace of them though.

@ln I barely know a few characters of Chinese (to my shame as I *am* Asian); and I don't know half the electronics stuff you do (and in recent times I haven't even been doing much hardware/electronics stuff due to lack of time/energy after normal work), but I've had more success finding datasheets from Chinese companies than big USA ones (even if the translations can be unusual - I did like "fight the thunder and lightning" for surge protector in line cards for telephone circuits 😆 )

@vfrmedia i got them from a friend in the meantime already :) it also turns out that one just has to know the document id and then they're still there.

@vfrmedia oh yeah, it's also so interesting what one can find on all the chinese document sharing sites. i have found at least a few which were marked eith confidential and internal use only ^^

@ln datasheets disappearing is so frustrating...
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