you ever build something from aur and you see all the shit its downloading as dependencies and you're like: "oh gods, oh no, please give me some binaries, i'll even pay for them!"

there's a first time for everything...

# echo level disengaged > /proc/acpi/ibm/fan

@ln I'm surprised how usable my X220 still is

love this compute

@uint8_t @ln how usable? More usable than all the scrap you can buy today.

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@f2k1de it's my daily driver and I love it

I have no idea what I would replace it when it irreparably fails one day

Elen's X210 is great on paper, and amazingly fast and energy efficient when it works, but it is far from being rock solid :/

I need ports, I need smol form factor (❤️ 12") need to be sturdy, repairable, and have a Good keyboard.

I'd love a Reform with a powerful processor, preferably Ryzen... but that would require a mainboard redesign

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@uint8_t X230 mit neuer CPU die mehr als 16 GB RAM kann wäre auch super. Weil alles über x240 ist Mist. Habe da schon viele gehabt und das ist alles moderner China Schrott.

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@f2k1de I'm sure I'm biased but among X201, X220, X230, I like the X220 keyboard the most; it has all the keys, big Esc, big delete, browser navigate keys (yes I actually use those) and the keys feel so good. I also really like how the F-keys are aligned with the numerals

good news is that it's possible to install the X220 keyboard into an X230 (just the embedded controller needs to be educated a bit)

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@f2k1de having an expresscard slot is also good so I could use an eGPU if I had any :D

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@uint8_t oder für bis zu 5 gbit/s uplink

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@f2k1de @uint8_t *heult in nur x1 link*
Mir x4 könnte man so viel mehr machen... Wieso gibts nicht sowas wie die SSD Steckplätze für extern...

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@f2k1de @uint8_t Da kriegt man aber keine 1 GB/s durch... Braucht mindestens PCIe x2*4 oder x3*2

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@f2k1de @uint8_t Nee nicht für SSDs sondern andere Geräte die viel Datenraten benötigen, nen ADC oder nen Radio mit viel Bandbreite.

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@x44203 @uint8_t Radio ist doch nur maximal 128kbit/s

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@f2k1de @uint8_t Nicht wenn du nen ganzes GSM Band oder WLAN Band auf einmal zuhören / senden willst.

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@x44203 @uint8_t Ich fürchte, dass das mit GSM nicht legal ist.

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@f2k1de @uint8_t Naja zumindest bei WLAN sollte auch senden legal sein.

@uint8_t @ln I recently bought a new battery for my X220 so I can keep using it as a laptop

@coopdot @ln I got a new 9-cell battery from Elen ♥
My X220 is almost maxed out now, with i7 (USB 3.0), 2x8GB RAM, 2-TB HDD, mSATA SSD, new centrino wifi card, IPS screen (but the original 1366x768, with very noticeable ghosting)

@uint8_t @ln a new wifi card is the next thing on my list to improve

@coopdot it needed bios hacking and covering a pin on the card! But it works great.

@ln I always wanted to write an AUR manager which would push these jobs to a remote server

@steph a shared distcc server somewhere with lots of cores and bandwidth for everyone to use would be interesting

@ln yeah, but I kinda wanted the server to automatically build updates when the package was updated and present a pacman repo as well, which requires more smarts

also chroot build, cause no AUR helpers do that by default for some reason??
@ln (I could definitely set this up sometime in thnext month or two probably though!)
@ln I'm waiting for external computer hardware-related events rn but I'll definitely message you after that :3

@steph @ln considering the amount of compute we're dealing with here, I should finally invest the time to set up a local pacman cache + AUR package cache

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