can i trade stray projects for stray cats somewhere? i want more fluff and meowing and less work i can't stop thinking about.

@ln Sadly I only have stray projects to offer... and 1 kitten with stray projects.

@x44203 *patpat* those projects will go away sometime too, it just takes time.

@ln Ah yes, that one mass spectrometer that's rusting at some school... Mostly due to corona, partly due to lack of motivation.

@ln I don't have stray cats to offer, but I've felt that the nagging of stray projects has been eased since I've put them up for adoption with a proper public adoption call accompanied by a writeup of what's there ("It's chipped, fixed, and should be implementable with two I2S microphone preamps, an I2S DAC and STM32F4"). Mine is labelled as "idea incubator", but under serious consideration for renaming into "Idea shelter -- projects for adoption".

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