because idn domains are fun and i remembered someones sillyness from years ago i have ëü.eu now...

@ln Thanks for the reminder. Hadn't switched IDN off since reinstalling Firefox:

network.IDN_show_punycode = true

They still work, but I see instead of ëü.eu - much safer. Sadly the feature is mostly abused for phishing instead of anything useful.

@yngmar i'm pretty happy with them actually. it makes it easier for language specific domains and such.

as for phishing... that's a very varied topic and idn domains are kinda the least of my concern there. many people don't really look at the url they're visiting and as developers, admins and security people we first need to get our shit together and not make our own stuff look like the shittiest phishing attempt itself.

can't count the number of legit websites i thought were phishing because they were just so half-arsed and utterly broken.

i lost more money to vendors not having their shit together and losing my orders than to actual phishing attacks.

@cadence i just need to crowdfund the 25 USD this domain costs and then i will set up a redirect to my favourite torrent site :3

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