neat, stuff from the US i ordered in march and beginning of april is popping up on the postal tracking again. let's make a board for the P2 engineering samples that will arrive soon-ish real quick :3


also i just noticed... i have three different projects now built around preview silicon,,,

so, who wants me as a validation engineer? i'm doing the work already anyways ;)

@ln as someone whose silicon is commercially unavailable outside of finished products, it still blows my mind that “normal” vendors will just ... happily sell you engineering samples

@mxsparks that's a fairly recent change tbh, i only know TI right now from the big vendors who will sell you engineering samples *at all*. even last year still it was "we don't even talk with you if you're not big enough".

the other ones are smaller ones like Parallax in this case, who have extraordinary community involvement into the design process even.

@mxsparks @ln it's common to give pre-production silicon to Big Customers, and recently some manufacturers started doing that even to the masses.

I wish I could give insight on why this makes sense, but I left the industry before it became a thing.

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