current progress of the PD sink board.
i decided to make it a bit bigger so the M3 mounting holes have a 30mm spacing. placing still needs a bit of work, but i'm mostly happy with it.

there's also a lot of space still for future revisions with possibly more features.


the dimensions of the board itself is 45x38mm so it fits nicely in the four layer JLC budget category. i don't really want to spend the time to route this in two layers ^^

oh and the 30x30mm spacing is the same as the peek array in the novena :D it's such a nice feature to keep in mind when designing stuff so one can just mount things easily wherever. just the mounting holes here are M3 instead of M2.5 because it's just more readily available.

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@ln I must've missed this: what's it for? "sink" sounds like a test load?

@piggo it's a sink for USB-C PD programmable power supplies. so that i don't need to keep so many power supplies around anymore, just a generic adapter :D

@ln so this negotiates PD with the supply for use in some other boards?

@piggo yep. also with generic chargers which support it, though there's currently only a single one on the market which supports it.

@ln What is a "novena", if you don't mind me asking?

@pyropeter an open hardware laptop project: unfortunately it's not really maintained anymore.

@ln nice SOICbite you’ve got there! I was chatting with the designer of it a few weeks ago about keyboards

@s0 haha, cool :D yeah, i want to try it out. it seems like the nicest way for debugging/programming small boards like this.

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