here's the second revision of the routing. rotated some components and reassigned some signals and it was soo much easier now to do. also added a Qwiic connector footprint instead of having pins for the extra I²C. the pin headers are properly spaced for breadboard use too.


ah, fist pic is w/o copper fill turned on and second is with.

@ln What trace thicknesses do you usually use?

@x44203 for signals it's 5mil/0.127mm. for power whatever is needed, but usually 0.2mm for a few mA.

@ln Okay, I've usually used 0.2 mm, but I guess with a PCB fab going by their numbers is fine... (in the past I've DIYed PCBs and went as big as possible there...)

@x44203 that's understandable ^^ i wanted to keep this one small too, so i just went with their specs.

@ln Kinda managed to get away with 0.2 mm on the TPS board hehe

@ln But yes, 0.09 or 0.127 would definitely be needed for big BGAs...

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