finished the boards and made component placement and bom files for JLC. i want to make some more stuff to order too.

also went to the post office earlier, check it out! legs for days :D

@x44203 yep :D it made a satisfying hiss when i cut it open

@ln OT: what's the cute keyboard? is it the asus one?

@adasauce it's this:
i imported two a few years ago from China and exchanged the switches on the second to gateron clears for a friend.

@ln damn I love side-printed key aesthetic!

do the gatreon colours match up to cherry?

@adasauce somewhat, yeah. the ones i put in had extra low actuation force to make it easier for her to press the keys.

i think the common colours match mostly, though the keyboard nerds got u covered otherwise:

@ln Oooooooooh! I didn't realize the propeller 2 was out!

@elfi that one's an engineering sample still, but they have actual production silicon since middle of June too. mine just took a few months to arrive over the sea :D

@ln Nice! I always wanted to play with the original Propeller but I never had a good opportunity to, hope you have fun with it!

@moonspark Parallax Propeller 2. a very fancy, really big microcontroller with 64 "smart pins" each pin has adc/dac functionality and then some. also it has 8 cores.

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