i spent half a day today just starting to finally writing about the big projects of the past year.
effectively i only have a few pages now and it's even just a short overview.

how come i feel like i accomplished nothing, but when i actually tackle re-visiting it, it's so much?

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it would probably take a month or two to just document the whole battery pack project in its entirety... and i really want to do that before we start to forget things again. it's been a year already and when i look at all the photos so many memories come back.

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one of my favourite ones is this. you can't see how incredibly tired i'm in this one. also i almost fell asleep on the floor a few days prior to that because Zoé and i were assembling boards all night.

we put soooo much effort into all this. and it worked. kinda.

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gosh i'm still so incredibly pissed that LT just didn't bother to friggin document that their chip just forgets register writes if you don't wait for at least a few cycles after writing. so. much. wasted. time.

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@ln Oh wow, how many battery cells are that?

@ln So many times I have regretted not properly documenting something after it was in a stable state.

"I know I knew this once..."

@SetecAstronomy yep. same. i really want to change that... i hope i can make documenting things into a habit :3

@ln I hate that. You put a huge amount of effort into accurate (higher-level) documentation, making sure all the details of it are correct, and after all that .... you're brain is like "but we know all this already...."

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