yay, memory LCDs :3

next step: breakout board. also I'll add some LEDs to the side of the glass substrate to try and give it a backlight.

@ln I've never heard of memory LCDs before, they sound cool :o

@grufwub it's less cursed than eink but takes a liiiitle bit of power to display stuff all the time. i like it a lot, i wish there would be more cool display sizes with it...

@ln that's really awesome! do they have any penalties compared to regular LCDs like low refresh rates? 🤔

@ln that's a bit better than eink tbh. like with an ereader that you use for article browsing on the web that'd be great

@ln its this ( one right? can you overclkock the framerate somehow? heard its used in the playdate and i dont get how 20 hz would suffice for a gaming handheld.

@discordia it is and for especially gameboy like games with not that fast movements i guess it's okay. but I'll test it still ^^

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