@lethalbit i'm like, i can't even comprehend this. it's just so ridiculous.

@ln I hoped this is satire,

but I remembered thinking the same 4 years ago

@ln Could be the ORF camera team filming a satiric piece for some show. Could be the a camera team filming an actual weirdo.
I'd say both explanations are equally likely.
So much for occam's razor...

@sebastian @ln

my guess is a comedy sketch (possibly linked to stimulus cheques turning up at AT) - with feelings running high about politics everywhere would have expected a real pro-Trump stall to have more than just one middle aged guy behind the table, the ÖRF team to have their own "minders" and maybe some Polizei about (otherwise that table is just asking to be flipped...)

@ln on the other hand, I now have a new favourite boutique, and it's hao (hao HAO HAO)

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