tfw you really need a vga to "something more sensible" adapter. good thing we have a small display around in case we need to change bios settings :D

@ln Now please tell me that this display can be powered over USB and has… uhm… multiple inputs? (Like VGA *and* HDMI.)

@MacLemon it has hdmi and vga and with a usb-c to barrel jack adapter it can be powered from 5-12V.

@ln Meaning, I could, in fact power that from pretty much *any* USB port? Would 2.1 Amps@5V be sufficient?
Because if so, that would make a great “emergency display” for the datacenter.

@MacLemon hmm, probably. needs more testing in this case ^^ i can try it with the bench power supply tomorrow.

@ln If you find the time, that would be very interesting to me! If you have the make/model at hand at some point, I'll happily do my own research as well!

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