i played too much divinity: original sin 1&2 lately and came up with Open Sourceress as a job title. feel free to steal it :3

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@ln wow werent you playing that even back when i was there?

@steph we're at the second game now :D but yeh, put like close to 200h into both games since then >_<

@ln wow...

i dont think i've ever put that much time into a game

@steph it takes a lot longer to play it coop than single-player... but it also just has a massive amount of story in it, so you can easily put in 40-60h into it per game if do more than just the main story line.

@ln i've never found the kinda of energy to put into a game like that, except for minecraft

minecraft seems to be the only one where i hyperfocus on it instead of adhd forgetting about it
@steph @ln tfw have three games on steam alone with that much time logged

and i'm pretty sure i'm in the 100-200 range with openttd as well
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