Got some pretty boards today and soldered the USB connector to it. I accidentally shorted shield to ground on one but eh ^^

Unfortunately i forgot to check footprints and now they're incompatible with the cheaper connectors i have 🙄

@ln these side mount connectors make me nervous
@ln there's so much leverage and so little meat holding it on its ><

@steph the pcb can actually stick a liitle bit into the connector, which is nice. i need to check and test though if that's viable to improve the stability. 🎉 new PCB day is always a good day.. sorry to hear you've got footprint problems though

@DX_MON i only checked the front, unfortunately the back differs between the two :D ah well, i have some ideas for improvement now anyways.

@ln hmmmmm are you not supposed to connect gnd to shield?

also seeing this im really glad my projects can do with the much simpler 6pin (poweronly) and 12pin usb2.0 type-C connectors :D

@f0x it depends, but most of the times, yes :D i've also connected it on the PCB. just needed to check which two pins i actually managed to short out there ^^

@f0x oh and, i haven't found any plugs with less pins or a more sturdy mounting situation unfortunately, so i'm stuck with these >.>

@ln oh lol i completely missed these were plugs, not sockets

@ln weird that there's so much less choice in plugs, i guess using just sockets is nice because it also allows both type-c and type-a to type-c cables to be used with the device

@f0x i have a socket on the device this is for and yeah, i also like them better. but in this case i didn't want to add a long cable between two boards just to break out some pins

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