new sensor, who dis?

while the CO2 microphone isn't available yet, the SCD30 will have to do :3

uwu, uwuuwu. this is a STM32L031U6! 32kb flash, 8kb ram and ohhhh, 1kb eeprom. guess that's where the LUTs are.

@ln that scd40 has been coming soon for like 2 years now i want it

@piggo @ln like in CO2 laser? Would make sense but I haven't known that there ara actually optical Microphones to buy.

@piggo @ln Seams like I got something wrong
SCD30 - Sensor Module for HVAC and Indoor Air Quality Applications ...

@piggo shoots light at the air and listens to the sound it makes. photoacoustic sensing they call it. if i were in charge of marketing I'd call it "pew pew to ppm".

@ln oh TIL @cybercow

i wonder if you could use a wide spectrum lamp and make a FFT of the response to detect more gases at the same time
or just have more light frequencies for CO2, CO, NOx ...

@piggo @ln i think it is actually cheaper and more energy efficient to make a light source for every gas you want to measure.

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