my pinecil arrived \o/

it's really great and i love the dual power options! it's very nice to hold and the only thing i wish is that the rubber would be pink :D blue is a bit boring but, i mean, it's the pine64 colour scheme i guess.

also it solders great, can recommend!

@ln I kinda want one but can't justify buying it. Funny to see that the screw on you TS-100 is also missing

@waweic hehe, yeah, i lost it. but i also love the quick tip change w/o it ;)

@ln oh it looks great, is the rubber silicone? I've been wanting to experiment with it a long time, maybe if people want we could make some!

@maris maybe? i don't wanna try to burn it, lol. it's probably specified on the website.

@x44203 hmm, i can try, i still have some pink one.

@ln miiine is in the local post office,,, aaa i want it

@steph you just need to venture to the outside :D

@ln nooo theyre gonna deliver it its just sitting there waiting for them to realise they need to charge me customs and then post a letter through the mailbox and then i go and pay their god damn fees and then they go and decide they actually want to give it to me now

@steph ah, mine was declared as a single board computer and 20 USD so they just delivered it.

@ln woah theyre comitting customs fraud thats awesome

@steph they didn't for my pinephone, so this could also just be an honest mixup ^^

@steph @ln I think they declare most things as a 20USD SBC for ease of packing. I've had miscellaneous parts orders come in as that. I think the pinebook and pinephone might have been declared correctly though, but I can't really remember

@ln oh sweet I didn't know they are already shipping

@ln I want to use it with a 65W Lenovo charger, and it says 19.9V but 0.0W, and also doesn't heat. Any ideas? I just set the target temperature to 320°C and it should warm up no?

@ln I also had to calibrate the tip first, it said 484°C at room temperature. Perhaps the tip is broken?

@aza_leah maybe? it sounds really weird... i haven't encountered any failure modes with it yet, and just pressing the button heats it up to the set temperature

@ln Ok, I'll try to get another charger and another tip to try.

@aza_leah @ln 484C sounds close to what i get with no tip in

also the pinecil boots into standby mode, you gotta press the buttons right to get it to heat

@steph @ln Yeah, I think my tip is broken. I'll debug it tomorrow.

@aza_leah @ln the one that it comes with is... kinda useless geometry-wise
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