should i do a thread on google-dorking commodity ICs to find out where and with which internal process name a chip was made?

it's a fun OSINT exercise which isn't stalker-adjacent like "where and when was this picture taken"

also which manufacturer should i do? 👀

@ln yes

also uuuuh, renesas maybe? mostly because i have some renesas chips that arent listed publicly and i want to know which public ones are closest to it (eg. theres this R8J32007 for example, which is probably some kind of SuperH or H8SX, but i dont know the exact details. similarly, R2S35002)

@sys64738 ohhh, that sounds interesting. i'll have a look :3

@ln (its two ICs on a 2005/2006 dvd drive controller, theres also a flash rom on the pcb but i havent been able to read it out yet bc its a TSOP-48 and i dont have the necessary equipment for it)

@sys64738 oof, damn, there really isn't anything to go on for these ICs >.>

it looks like renesas didn't keep the info around on their website... the only stuff i could find from that period was even from a company they acquired in 2019.

@ln yea they seem to purge their old stuff every so often

a SuperH catalog from 2007ish had a similar part number in its listing, but i also found which says H8S(X)...

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