datasheets that look like summoning circles/magic incantations

@ln it looks like this one picture of evangelion

@uwu @ln that is the Tree of Life from Kabbalah, jewish mysticism
represents the different layers of reality between god and the material world but also the journey to enlightenment and closeness to him

@cantinto @ln oh I didn't notice that I posted the real thing and not the evangelion one

@uwu @ln the evangelion one is the real one, lol
eva just straight up uses kabbalic imagery and shit

@lethalbit oh no. when i try to read it it says "elen, go to bed!"

@ln also reminder that sdio is bad, it has a thing called "cis" built into the standard (actually means "card identity specifier" or so)

@sys64738 yeah, this gives me sd card spec flashbacks

@SetecAstronomy all memory is cursed. this was just some random ISSI SDRAM part i stumbled upon

@ln come think of it, when programming, we're literally speaking magic words to semi-sentient crystals to make them do stuff for us.

@drq @ln More like using.

Developers know how exactly their magic words work (at least collectively).

Users however don't so for them it is quite like casting spells. And just like spells one tiny mistake (or stars not aligned right) can have amazingly weird and spectacular consequences.
@ln the rumor is that stories of ancient satanic magic circle books were just someone seeing euclid's elements

@ln there is almost a pentagram ! Is this used to summon daemons ?

@ln is it me, or is that idle process overly complicated?

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