my collection of definitely not original parts is now almost complete. just waiting for that C245 tip now.
oh and they all come with the same 6-pin Hirose connector. the NT115-A *feels* stock, but the manufacturer sure doesn't ship it with that connector usually :D

@steph 20€ for the T245 or T210 handle, 43€ for the NT115-A. less than 10€ shipped for the tips, except the C115 which was 23€. it's not cheap, but affordable. especially compared to the original ones ^^

@ln i wonder about these vs the metcal curie point stuff.... gah

@steph well, these ones are cheap *and* really good :3 though go for metcal if you want one of those monoliths i guess :D

@ln rachel uses metcal iirc so I could maybe ask her or pop over and try once this is all over
@ln what's the pan for controlling the JBC irons? your own project or an existing open source one?

@steph i'm rolling my own, it just needs a resistive heater controller, but i'm gonna build in a bunch of protections to prevent any chance of glowing red hot metal in the lab.

the otter-iron pro is nice as an existing but not really documented project. the unisolder and adjacent stuff is quite cursed and you have to read through 300 pages of forum to maaaybe know what's going on with it.

building my own seems like the most sane choice tbh ^^ i've already written a bunch of documentation too.

@steph and yeah, lack of documentation is what irks me the most with all the existing solutions, i want something people can understand godsdamnit!

@ln awesome!!

i see, unfortunately, too many soldering irons in my future

@steph lol, tell me about it. i have a whole box dedicated to that project already,, also two stations i wanna toss but Zoé prevents me from doing so... (also the alu case of the one is nice and could house some other project in the future) you'd be quite welcome to once we're both vaccinated and allowed to move about like that

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