i realised that i can just put away projects in progress in large esd-safe bags. ordered some A4 sized bags to put away larger boards yesterday but i can just as easily use them as "project boxes" for a fraction (17c/bag) of the cost!


they seal airtight (just put in some desiccant for long-term storage) and the 90µm PE feels really durable. also nothing can fall out accidentally, and labeling is easy too.

this feels like i finally have a good, low-effort solution to keep the lab in a state of less of a mess.

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@ln I do exactly this! Big bag with label. Anything delicate gets a bit of ESD pink bubble wrap before going in. Fasteners and case bits go in a bag inside the bag. Etc. Big ESD bag goes on-edge into a box with its label sticking up. It's great!

@ln this is bloody brilliant. Add a bag clip / clothespin and it could maybe be space-saving hanging storage too. BRB, ordering giant esd bags …

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