hey , does someone know any textbooks which touch upon the topic of Z-Source and Quasi-Z-Source DC/DC converters?

all i can find are papers which are, well, written quite academically.

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@ln I don't know of any, but I would be interested in this too.

What's the application?

@ln Something like this, just not necessarily making AC?

I hadn't really heard of these types of converters before, I'll have to play with some simulations.

@ToroidalCore i already found a bunch of papers building topologies for dc/dc, but there seems to be currently nothing on the fundamentals.
it seems still to be too new and people are just figuring out what to build with it.

@ln It looks like the big thing is the ability to handle overlapping voltage ranges on the input and output. That's actually something that would have come in handy at work a couple years ago.

I could see a lot of applications in terms of electric vehicle charging.

@ToroidalCore EV and solar seem to be the most referred use cases, makes sense

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