Adafruit shilling NFTs was definitely not on my bullshit bingo card for 2021.

i'll just... go to sleep and when i wake up i want this all to have been a really bad dream.

@tindall the dumpster fire is on birbsite, and it gets worse and more bizarre.

@ln @tindall it was about time for this to happen really, the twee queer-friendly left-coded "apolitical" shell will evaporate into the same hypercapitalism that everyone else is caught up in a display of fealty toward

@ln looked at their timeline and
what is the community manager doing
the hell is that

@ln what the fuck? I just bought a bunch of stuff from there, I thought they were cool :(

@ln I guess now is not a good time to mention that they did an article on NFTs a month ago... :/ adafruit is a store selling products, i wish they didn't exist in the minds of many (not necessarily you two, just saying) as some kind of savior of diy electronics

@natalie @ln I've done paid work for ladyada/Phillip in the past, and by and large I got the impression they are good people and small business owners who have not been poisoned by profit as the be all end all.

* I don't think the NFT articles are a good look.
* Cryptocurrencies have real problems, and there are people legitimately trying to solve them.
* It's in vogue to shit on them as an in-group thing.
* I'm trying to get rid of my (2018) BTC and exit the crypto game :P. my point is i would think if they are discussing nft stuff it is just following a trend

@natalie @cr1901 the doubling down by mocking customers in their feed is a low i really didn't expect them to go to though.

@ln (though, not that i get lots of stuff from them, US shipping is expensive, but they looked cool,)

@sys64738 i bought a bunch of stuff from them through mouser, but i'm just gonna build my own dev boards when there's chips to buy again

@ln ... though, i cant see anything about it on their website? (unless im just being an airhead & reading over it???)

@ln huh

interestingly enough, they arent visible from the main listing on their blog website?


@ln what gets me is the disclaimer they added to their article, like NFTs aren't art, they're a fucking destructive scam

@ln aww and they seemed cool too. You'd think an electronics company would be a lot more aware of e-waste. All those burnt out or slightly outdated GPUs.

@wolfcoder it looks like they apologized now at least and they'll cover it in an upcoming video too, it still leaves a bad aftertaste tho.

@ln yeah the obnoxious silicon valley buddy attitude should've tipped me off.

@ln I still thought they were cool because they were the only ones selling breadboard friendly components of things these days

@wolfcoder me too, they were a really good and solid source for some stuff...

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